Keisuke Kobayashi, PHD


Keisuke is a Principal with Catalys Pacific. He has experienced in the Healthcare field over 20 years. Prior to joining Catalys Pacific, he was engaged R&D, Medical Affairs, Strategic Product Planning /Product Manager (Darbepoetin alfa, Cinacalcet ) in renal field, and corporate strategy planning at Kirin Brewery (Kyowa Kirin). After that, he transferred to DeNA and led the AI driven drug discovery business, human genome analysis and drug discovery support using gene network algorithms.

He graduated from the University of Tokyo and now is a part-time associate professor at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

“Man is no more than a reed, the weakest in nature. But he/she is a thinking reed.”
Humans are the weakest in nature. However, by acknowledging that he is powerless, he knows how to think, help others, and survive. It’s all because humans can think.