Ashwin Ram, MD


Ashwin is a Partner with Catalys Pacific, a physician-scientist, and a biotechnology entrepreneur. He serves as Chief Business officer of Kirilys Therapeutics, Co-Founder and SVP Operations at Pathalys Pharma, and Founder of Axelys, Inc. He previously served as Founder and Chair of Jupiter Therapeutics, Inc. Prior to this, he was a part of Genentech’s Early Clinical Development — Oncology team and practiced as a board-certified radiation oncologist.

Ashwin completed his MD at the University of Michigan Medical School with highest honors and Dean’s distinction in research. After training in radiation oncology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he completed an MS in bioengineering at Caltech and a postdoc at Stanford University as an NCI Cancer Translational Nanotechnology fellow.

“He who lives in the present lives in eternity.”
I believe that when we are connected to the present moment we gain a sense of clarity that brings balance, joy, and success into our lives.