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Our Charter Our Purpose

We transform life sciences innovation in Japan through the creation of and investment in global companies.

Our Craftsmanship Our Tools

We Thank

Our work begins with an appreciation for creating healthcare innovation with our partners.

acknowledge, appreciate, value


We Sweat

Success in entrepreneurship arises from inspiration, yet only is realized through devoted work and persistence.

(/ ˈswet/):
endeavour, exert, commit


We Pivot

True innovation trajects from an agility to repeatedly change, challenge, fail, learn, and pivot.

learn from failure, act decisively


We Embrace

We embrace a compass of ethics to better society and science, choosing not to waver in the face of moral crisis.

abide, embody, exert


Our Philosophy Our Clear Course

We see venture
as an expedition

framed by successful sails at times,
turbulent tides at others.

Our Philosophy Our Clear Course

We see advances in healthcare
as our destination

an insistent drive to better patients' lives.

Our Philosophy Our Clear Course

We are builders of crafts

venture companies designed
to excel in innovation.

Our Creations